Demystifying The Way We Think, Plan, And Persevere In Finance

There are many reasons we put off dealing with our finances.

1. We are not fully equipped to make the best financial decisions for ourselves. Financial options are very technical (and boring) in nature and require a great deal of knowledge about taxes, historical performance, and other industry stuff.

2. None of the nitty-gritty ins and outs of finances are taught in school. Even if you have a specialized degree in finance.

3. We don’t learn it from our parents because they didn’t know much more themselves and likely weren’t interested in discussing financial failures with their kids.

4. We don’t talk about this with our friends either. Finance may be the last taboo subject in society, and even when we do broach the subject, conversations are short and not very helpful.

5. Perhaps worst of all, the financial community has incentives that work against you. Almost the entire industry is built on product sales instead of true advice. Even “financial advisors” are mostly just insurance or investment product salespeople in disguise. And this is all blessed by the regulatory system that oversees them. It’s just the way it has always been.

As a result, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds of financial advice. Think about any recent financial conversations you’ve had, and I bet they revolve around a minor tactic or trade that, in the grand scheme of things, probably won’t make a difference. But it does make a difference to Wall Street – they get paid when you make a change to your finances, not when you move toward financial fulfillment.

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Joe Morgan

Joe Morgan is a recognized keynote speaker of the MedTech Conference and presenter on financial clarity. Joe offers actionable advice for groups that are hungry for no-nonsense solutions and hit on the pain points of financial planning – the information and situations that people care about.

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