Case Study: How Long Will My Funds Last?

Meet Zasa

Zasa lost her husband suddenly and after years of relying on him for her finances, was left on her own. Unsure of how to pick up the pieces, Zasa was in search of someone to look out for her best interests and advise her on every part of her financial life as she settled the estate.

Our Plan of Action:

  • Allocated her husband’s and community assets as per their family trust in a way that would ease management and record-keeping.
  • Determined a path to creating her life goals by allowing time to adjust to new circumstances and considering how to maximize her remaining years.
  • Reviewed current spending and developed a plan for future spending by month to understand how long her resources may support her current lifestyle.
  • Discussed whether major adjustments to her investments were appropriate today and determined there was no need to rush into any significant portfolio changes.

Anxiety Free Financials

Once implementing her customized action plan, Zasa:

  • Understood that her finances, while not in perfect shape, do not need to be her first priority, given the close monitoring we will be doing going forward.
  • Had the confidence in her current finances that allowed her to take time for herself to accept what has happened and begin to adjust to her new life.
  • Has a strong financial advocate to help her navigate her financial world.