Case Study: Investment Strategy 101

Meet Julianna and Arthur

Julianna and Arthur are in their highest-earning years, working for large technology firms in the South Bay. Arthur has managed the couple’s investments but has never felt very confident in his investment choices. Though their portfolio has grown considerably over the years, they wonder if they could have done even better with a more long-term approach to investing.

Our Plan of Action:

  • Discussed why using the markets to fund retirement makes sense and, over time, they committed to a true Investment Philosophy that can be used to make investment decisions regardless of the current market environment.
  • Implemented a comprehensive plan so they can be confident their investment strategy supports the choices they are making in the rest of their financial life, including:
    • A new estate plan to protect each other and their children
    • Appropriate life insurance in terms of both amount and term
    • Current spending which had drifted up over the years to an unsustainable level

An Intentional Future

Once implementing their customized action plan, Julianna and Arthur:

  • Became much more confident in their current investment portfolio and the ability to make adjustments when necessary.
  • Shifted their focus from concern about the markets (which is beyond their control) to understanding their spending (which is actually under their control).
  • Began spending intentionally, which both saved money and increased their satisfaction level with the things they bought.
  • Felt confident their children would be taken care of should something happen to them.