Case Study: Retiring in Place

Meet Launa and Andrew

Launa and Andrew are a wonderful couple who have enjoyed raising their daughter in Lafayette. Now that she is on her own, they want to take some time to enjoy themselves while maintaining their current lifestyle. Their goal is to stay living in their large home and continue their active social life with close neighbors in the community they know and love. Andrew is retired at 70, and Launa is 59. As a couple, they want to ensure their money will support Launa in an expected long retirement.

Our Plan of Action:

  • Developed a Spending Plan that shows where their money is going monthly. This helped Launa and Andrew be more intentional with their spending, replacing the worry and unknown.
  • reated an Investment Strategy that they both could understand. This was a huge revelation for the couple and created a sense of peace, knowing their money is in the right place.
  • Maximized take-home proceeds by creating a strategy for Launa’s stock options to lower taxes, while developing a consistent diversification process.
  • Reviewed their current home, auto, and umbrella insurance policies to make sure their home and wealth are well protected.
  • Discussed using the deferred salary option at Launa’s employer to reduce current income taxes.
  • Talked through how Launa will want to spend her time in retirement and how that fits in with Andrew’s current retirement schedule.
  • Created a strategy for drawing down their retirement funds when the time comes for Launa to begin her retirement.

A Financial Path Defined

Once implementing their customized action plan, Launa and Andrew:

  • Felt confident in maintaining their lifestyle
  • We’re renewed in their understanding of their spending habits
  • And, were optimistic knowing they were taking full advantage of tax strategies that would help maximize their net worth.