Get All of Your Property and Casualty Insurance from One Carrier

By: Joe Morgan

Sep 30, 2021 | Insurance

I know what you’re thinking. Property and Casualty Insurance is boring! Well, sure, if it’s done right it’s supposed to be boring.

Think about a time where you might have excitement in your life, and it involves insurance. What’s going on probably isn’t all too positive!

Boring Insurance Equals Less Risk

Let’s keep insurance boring by making sure we are covered in case bad things happen. And one way to do that is to get all your property and casualty insurance from the same carrier. If you do this, you will never have to experience two insurance companies pointing the finger at each other while your house or your car needs fixing.

I’m not saying all insurance is good. What I’m saying is that by shopping around to get the lowest cost on all your insurance, individually, you are creating a risk that you don’t need to take. The risk that something happens that is covered by neither of your carriers.

Taking the First Step

When I work with clients on this topic, we usually start with an independent insurance agent who can source insurance from many different companies. But they all do it the same way. You buy the entire package of insurance – home, auto, umbrella from one carrier to make sure you don’t have any unintentional gaps in coverage.

Here’s this week’s Best Financial Life tip of the week: Get All of Your Property and Casualty Insurance from One Carrier.

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