Retirement May Not Mean You Actually Retire

By: Joe Morgan

Dec 15, 2022 | RetirementFinancial PlanningInvestment Strategy

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How much time do you have left?

Knowing the answer to this question would greatly ease your financial planning process. But, of course, this is one of the many variables we don’t know.

Statistically, we know that if you retire at age 65 there is at least a 50% chance you will live past your mid-80s. But that’s backward-looking. Many of today’s 65-year-olds will live into their 90s and some of those will become centenarians. Paying for a retirement that might last 30 or more years can, and should, be a daunting task.

For many of us, assuming we can work for just 40 years to pay for another 30 years or more may not be reasonable. To be sure, saving and investing wisely can make a tremendous difference, but our life expectancies may be extending faster than our portfolios will grow. And the stakes are high - the prospect of running out of money in our older age is quite scary.

Whew! We Need a Confidence Boost

One of the ways we can gain assurance in our Financial Plan is to begin thinking about a reduced income in retirement as opposed to zero income. Additionally, the skills and experience you have from your career will likely be in need somewhere when you retire, and technology is only making it easier to offer your services for an appropriate and satisfying fee.

Whatever your plan you must be mentally ready for it and for the possibility things don’t quite work out the way you expect.

So, what do you think? Is your portfolio enough to support you and your family through retirement? If not, have you thought about what you might do in your later years for 15-20 hours per week to share your knowledge and experience while getting compensated? If you’re within 20 years of traditional “retirement,” what are the things you could be doing now to make for an easier transition?
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