Pay No Attention to the Financial Media

By: Joe Morgan

May 12, 2022 | Long-Term PortfolioInvestment Philosophy

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The old school big firms in the financial industry make their stock market money one way. By processing transactions. They don’t care if you are successful as long as you do something and pay them a fee or commission.

Who Supports the Financial Media?

The financial media is supported by these “old school big firms.” Take a look at who advertises there, and you’ll quickly see the underlying motivations. Because the financial media makes their money from firms who make their money encouraging transactions, the financial media encourages transactions.

And again, the financial media does not care if you are successful or not. So long as you make transactions that support the advertisers on their networks.

The Worst Part

Making transactions is usually the worst way to invest.

So, making decisions based on the latest crises, and there always is one according to the financial media, is a great way to fail at investing.

Instead, create a Long-Term Portfolio strategy that aligns with a solid Investment Philosophy and pay no attention to the screaming and squealing in the financial media.

Here’s this week’s Best Financial Life tip of the week: Pay No Attention to the Financial Media.

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